Columbarium Update

March 12, 2024

Our Savior Lutheran Ministries Columbarium

If you have not made plans for your final resting place, you may consider the OSLM Columbarium.  This is a place of peace and hope, a reminder that death is not the end for God’s people.

The Columbarium is a brick and granite cabinet with sealed niches for securing the ashes of our loved ones, after cremation.  Please note: cremation is not included with the Columbarium, and must be arranged separately. The Columbarium has 100 8x8x12 in. niches, each able to hold up to two urns.  The location of your niche(s) will be chosen at the time of purchase.

What is the Cost?  The price includes a niche, the sheet bronze urn(s), and the engraved names and dates on the granite niche front. Price is based on the number of persons, and niche location.

  • 1 person/niche
    top 3 rows $2750
    bottom 2 rows $2200
  • 2 person/niche
    top 3 rows $3300
    bottom 2 rows $2750

 Who is Eligible? Current and former members of Our Savior  Lutheran Ministries, along with spouses, children, grandchildren, parents, brothers, and sisters are eligible to be inurned in the OSLM Columbarium.

Would you like more information? Contact Angela Westphal, Columbarium Administrator, at 925.447.1246, or Email Angela

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