Equipping People for Lives of Following Jesus

God's Word is foundational to growing as a disciple of Christ. Yet, we know that life can get busy and that not everyone is able to meet when Bible studies are offered. The classes below have been created with that in mind. Jump in and learn at your own pace. Then click the "Join the Discussion" button to interact with others walking through these growth opportunities. 

Faith Over Fear

There are a great many things that a capable of causing us to fear. Yet, God instructs us many times in Scripture to "fear not." In this series, we will explore how it is that God casts out our fear, enabling us to live lives of faith over fear. 

Jesus Son of...(Equipping Series)

This Equipping Thursdays series runs parallel with our Advent worship series on "Jesus the son of..." We are specifically taking a look at the women in the genealogy of Jesus. This week we will begin with Tamar and the rather unorthodox way in which God preserved the lineage of Jesus.