What We Believe

Who is God?

With the universal Christian Church, as Lutherans, we teach and respond to the love of the Triune God.

The three persons of the Trinity are coequal and co-eternal, one God. For more see the Athanasian Creed

The Father, creator of everything. For more see Luther's Small Catechism

Jesus Christ, the Son, who became human to suffer and die for our sins and to rise to life again in the ultimate victory over death and Satan. For more see Luther's Small Catechism

The Holy Spirit, who creates faith through God’s Word and Sacraments. For more see Luther's Small Catechism

What Do Lutherans Believe?

As Lutherans, what we believe comes from the Bible, God's message of love and hope for all people. The Bible is the written Word of God, handed down to us to point us to the truth that we are saved from our sin and eternal death only by the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  We believe the Bible is completely reliable and without error.  In it we learn everything we need to know about God's love and His gifts to us.

Our beliefs are in line with the Bible-based teachings of Martin Luther, who inspired the reformation of the Christian Church in the 16th century. The teachings of Luther and the reformers can be summarized in three short phrases: Grace alone, Scripture alone, Faith alone

We are part of a large denomination known as the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod (LCMS)

Grace is an unearned, undeserved gift to us.  God loves us, even though we are sinful, rebel against Him and do not deserve His love.  He sent Jesus, His Son, to love the unlovable and save the ungodly.

By His suffering and death as the substitute for all people of all time, Jesus purchased and won forgiveness and eternal life for us.  When we hear this Good News and believe it, we have the eternal life that it offers.  God creates faith in Christ and gives us forgiveness through Him.

The Bible is God’s Word, perfect and without error. In it, He reveals His Law and His Gospel of salvation in Jesus Christ.  It is the sole rule and norm for Christian doctrine.

The entire narrative of the Bible focuses on humanity's need for a savior. God provides us with our needed savior in the person of Jesus Christ and it is in Christ alone that salvation is found. 

What Do Lutherans Believe About the Sacraments?

We believe that a sacrament is something instituted by Christ Himself, that has a visible, tangible element, and gives those who receive them the forgiveness of sins.  With this view of the sacraments, we have only two.

BAPTISM is the application of water in the name of the Triune God (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit) and in response to the command and promises of Jesus. In Baptism, we believe God is acting to embrace and adopt us as members of His family. We baptize all people, as all are in need of this gracious gift of God.  

If you or anyone in your family has not been baptized we would love to make that happen for you.  Please fill out the form on the next tab and someone from our ministry team will be in contact with you to schedule a meeting with Pastor Kevin. 

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Sponsors are not required but if you choose sponsors they should be Christians who believe the faith as expressed in the Apostles Creed and are committed to encouraging your child in their ongoing growth in the Christian faith.

Sponsors are not required but if you choose sponsors they should be Christians who believe the faith as expressed in the Apostles Creed and are committed to encouraging your child in their ongoing growth in the Christian faith.

COMMUNION, The Lord's Supper, is a sacred meal shared with baptized Christians as a way of connecting with God and with one another.  In The Lord's Supper, we believe God is acting in and through Jesus Christ to extend forgiveness for sins and to empower His people to live fully for him. Scripture calls us to examine our lives as we prepare to receive the Lord's Supper.  In doing this we are to ask ourselves the questions:

  • Am I a sinner in need of forgiveness?  
  • Does that forgiveness come from Christ and what he did for me on the cross?  
  • Do I acknowledge that in this meal I receive Christ's body and blood with the bread and the wine, even if I do not fully understand how this works? 
  • Do I desire to live a new life and to walk as God has called me to live? 

Should I Participate in Holy Communion? 

Communion is a special meal for all confessing and believing Christians.  As Lutheran Christians, we believe Christ’s body and blood are truly present, and in this meal, we receive the forgiveness of our sins and power for Christian living.  If you are in true repentance and have faith in these words, “given and shed for you for the forgiveness of sins,” we urge you to participate.  Non-alcoholic wine is provided as an option for communion and can easily be identified by it’s darker color.  Traditional communion wine is lighter in color and does contain alcohol. 


What is the Procedure for Holy Communion and Blessings? 

Please come forward when asked to do so by an usher.  Open your hands to let the servers know you are ready to receive Communion.  If you are not ready to receive Communion but desire a blessing, simply leave your hands at your sides, or cross them on your chest, to indicate your desire for a blessing. This is also appropriate for children who have not received their first Communion instruction.