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Our Savior Lutheran Church

For more than 66 years, Our Savior Lutheran Church served the Tri-Valley having experienced over and over again God’s great faithfulness. God has been at work through the ministry of Our Savior to transform hearts and lives through the message of the Gospel proclaimed through our ministry on East Avenue, and now on S. Livermore.


Our Savior Lutheran Preschool

About 55 years ago, God birthed within Our Savior a desire to reach the young people of our community through the establishment of a preschool.

Over that time, Our Savior has become known as a place that provides a top-quality Christian education.


Our Savior Lutheran School

Through the quality educational ministry of our preschool, grew our K-8 school. 

Our Savior has graduated many successful young people who have gone on to make a difference in their high schools, colleges, our community, and beyond. 


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Trinity Sunday 2023

June 4, 2023
by Ted Hartman

Trinity Sunday is one of those odd times in the church year when we attempt to have some clarity in our understanding of the “mystery of God.” We have tried to reflect on what God shows us about Himself in the Word, but it remains a beautiful...

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