Why Choose OSLS?

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Why Choose OSLS? Here's WHy

Small Class Sizes

Your student matters to you and the attention given to your student is important to us. Our small classes allow for our teachers to truly get to know their students and more personally guide their instruction throughout the year.


Every student is unique. As students grow and develop their intellectual skills develop at differing rates. Understanding this our approach to English language arts and math provides differentiated instruction to help ensure student success.

Holistic Learning

As a parent, you seek to raise a well-rounded child, prepared to lead a productive life as a mature fully capable adult. Our holistic approach to education walks alongside you providing quality academic rigor alongside instruction in the arts, drama, music, STEM, and sports. As a faith-based school, the foundation of all that we do is predicated on how the Christian faith speaks into all of life and therefore all of learning.

Map Testing

MAP Growth is the most trusted and innovative assessment for measuring achievement and growth in K–12 math, reading, language usage, and science. Using MAP Growth insights, our teachers can confidently tailor instruction to challenge every student, whether they are below, at, or above grade level. MAP Growth student reports also present realistic learning goals by subject areas so that, through a teacher’s guidance, students can individually see their progress and be inspired to take charge of their own learning.


Unlike many schools, we do not teach Common Core. Instead, we emphasize instruction based on the Core Knowledge Curriculum.

Exceptional Teachers and Staff

Can we brag for a moment here? Our teachers are great! They really are! We have a number of long-time teachers who make up the backbone of our exceptional teaching staff. Additionally, the support staff as well as the ministry staff are fully invested in the education of our students and providing care for every family at OSLS.