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Restored to Wholeness

Dave RueterOctober 28, 2021Wholeness

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Passage: 1 Timothy 5:23

Physical Well-Being

Our physical well-being has been very much on our collective minds for more than a year and a half now. What has sometimes been lost in our focus on our physical health related to the pandemic, are the many additional ways in which our physical health can be impacted. From physical activity to diet to our stress levels, there is much that we do day in and day out the impacts our physical well-being.

In our focus on getting through the pandemic, we have unfortunately seen childhood obesity rates soar. For many, our stress levels have been negatively impacted not just from restrictions in movement, but also from the unfortunate divisions that have manifested so strongly during this time and over-related issues.

Moderation is not an exciting word, but one with great value when considering our physical well-being. While we know that we are called to avoid drunkenness, Paul still recommends a little wine as a solution for Timothy’s stomach issues in 1 Timothy 5:23).  Gluttony is connected to drunkenness in Deuteronomy 21:20, yet heaven is described as a feast in Revelation 19:7-10.

God got His hands dirty in His creation of Adam. Forming him from the dust of the ground as an intimate act of creation. Thus we are called to care for our physical selves just as much as our spiritual selves. We are not able to separate the two, as they will be united together for eternity in heaven. Godlike matter. It matters to Him and it should matter to us.

Thoughts for Reflection

  1. What is working well related to your physical well-being?
  2. What areas of your physical well-being need some work?
  3. Who can you turn to for support and encouragement for the changes you might need to make to become more physically healthy?

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