8th Grade Curriculum Overview

March 12, 2021

Core Knowledge at a Glance

Eighth Grade

Language Art/English
1. Writing, Grammar, and Usage
2. Poetry
3. Fiction, Nonfiction, and Drama (Short Stories; Shakespeare; Classic Literature; )
4. Foreign Phrases Commonly Used in English
5. Drama Production
6. Public Speaking
7. Root Words

History and Geography
1. Decline of European Colonialism
2. Cold War
3. Civil Rights Movement
4. Vietnam War and the Rose of Social Activism
5. Middle East and Oil Politics
6. End of the Cold War: Expansion of Democracy and Continuing Challenges
7. Civics: The Constitution — Principles and Structure of American Democracy
8. Geography of Canada and Mexico

Visual Arts
1. Art History: Periods and Schools (Painting Since World War II; Photography; 20th-Century Sculpture)
2. Architecture Since the Industrial Revolution

1. Elements of Music
2. Non-Western Music
3. Classical Music: Nationalists and Moderns through listening
4. Vocal Music (Opera; American Musical Theater)

1. Algebra: Foundations, Equations, Polynomials, Systems of Linear Equations and Inequalities, Probability and data analysis
2. Geometry: Foundations, Logic and Reasoning, Triangles, Polygons, Quadrilaterals, Right Triangles, and Trigonometry

1. Forces and Motion
2. Electricity and Magnetism
3. Electromagnetic Radiation and Light
4. Sound Waves
5. Density and Buoyancy
6. Chemistry of Food and Respiration
7. Science Experiment

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