7th Grade Curriculum Overview

March 12, 2021

Core Knowledge at a Glance

Seventh Grade

Language Art/English
1. Writing, Grammar, and Usage
2. Poetry
3. Fiction, Nonfiction, and Drama (Short Stories; Classic Play; Classic Literature; Autobiography)
4. Foreign Phrases Commonly Used in English
5. Drama Production
6. Public Speaking
7. Root Words

History and Geography
1. America Becomes a World Power
2. World War I, “The Great War”
3. Russian Revolution
4. America from the Twenties to the New Deal
5. World War II
6. Geography of the United States

Visual Arts
1. Art History: Periods and Schools (Impressionism; Post-Impressionism; Expressionism and Abstraction; Modern American Painting)

1. Elements of Music
2. Music and National Identity through listening
3. American Musical Traditions (Blues and Jazz) through listening

1. Course 3: Numeration, scientific notation, multi-step equations, square/cube roots, transformations, Pythagorean Theorem
2. Algebra: Foundations, Equations, Polynomials, Systems of Linear Equations and Inequalities, Probability and data analysis

1. Atomic Structure
2. Chemical Bonds and Reactions
3. Cell Division and Genetics
4. History of the Earth and Life Forms
5. Evolution
6. Science Experiment

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