4th Grade Curriculum Overview

March 12, 2021

Core Knowledge at a Glance

Fourth Grace

Language Art/English
1. Writing, Grammar, and Usage
2. Poetry
3. Fiction (Stories; Classics; (Myths and Legends)
4. Sayings and Phrases

History and Geography
1. World Geography (Spatial Sense; Mountains)
2. Europe in the Middle Ages
3. Spread of Islam and “Holy Wars”
4. Using Maps
1. American Revolution-Oral Reports
2. Making a Constitutional Government
3. Early Presidents and Politics
4. Symbols and Figures
5. California History

Visual Arts
1. Art of the Middle Ages
2. Islamic Art and Architecture
3. Art of a New Nation: The United States
4. Elements of Art

1. Elements of Music (form, harmony, etc.)
2. Listening and Understanding (Orchestra; Vocal Ranges; Composers)
3. Songs

1. Numbers and Number Sense
2. Multiplication and Division
3. Fractions and Decimals
4. Statistics-Data Analysis
5. Beginning Algebra
6. Measurement
7. Geometry
8. Probability

1. Geology: Earth and Its Changes
2. Introduction to Electricity
3. Magnetism
4. Changes and Human Body System
5. Science Biographies

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