3rd Grade Curriculum Overview

March 12, 2021

Core Knowledge at a Glance

Third Grade

Language Art/English
1. Reading and Writing
2. Poetry
3. Fiction (Stories; Classics; Norse Myths; Greek and Roman Myths)
4. Sayings and Phrases
5. Dictionary Skills

History and Geography
1. World Geography (Spatial Sense; Canada; Important Rivers)
2. Ancient Rome (Geography of Mediterranean Region; Roman Empire, “Decline and Fall”)
3. Vikings
1. The Earliest Americans
2. Early Exploration of North America
3. The Thirteen Colonies: Life and Times Before the Revolution

Visual Arts
1. Elements of Art
2. American Indian Art
3. Art of Ancient Rome and Byzantine Civilization

1. Elements of Music (rhythm, timbre, etc.)
2. Listening and Understanding (Orchestra; Composers)
3. Songs

1. Multiplication
2. Division
3. Word Problems
4. Addition/Subtraction of decimals and fractions
5. Measurement
6. Rounding

1. Animal Classification
2. Sound
3. Ecology
4. Astronomy
5. Science Biographies
6. Matter-Properties of Matter

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