New Sunday Morning Schedule

August 02, 2023

In the fall of 2021, our ministry launched the Family Worship Service to offer an option to Engage with our great God specifically designed as a place for children to bring their parents. In the two, years since the launch of that service, our ministry has been blessed to serve many families, Encouraging them to connect to our ministry and to one another, and to Equip them in the Christian faith.

To further the mission that we set out to accomplish through the Family Worship Service, the Family Worship leadership surveyed families involved with the service. Based on the feedback, the following goals were established to guide a discussion on how best to approach the ministry of the Family Worship Service.

  1. To Encourage connection between new and current members from both our worship services.
  2. To better Equip families who attend both services.
  3. To Encourage greater unity and mutual growth across the ministry.
  4. To facilitate greater discipleship and fellowship opportunities through our Sunday ministries.

Based on those goals, we are making the following changes to our Sunday ministry schedule:

  • Family Worship will now take place starting at 11:15 am beginning August 27.
  • Sunday School will return starting at 10:15 am beginning September 10.

To see what the full Sunday morning schedule will look like see the graphic below. If you would like to Launch into ministry and assist with an aspect of our Sunday morning ministries review the following opportunities:

  • Fellowship Team (Donuts & Coffee)
  • Usher
  • Soundboard
  • Slides
  • Video Recording/Streaming
  • Welcome Table
  • Sunday School Teacher/Assistant
  • Acolyte (children/youth)
  • Scripture Reading (children/youth for Family Worship)
  • Bible Study Leader
  • Musician

To get more information or to volunteer contact the church office to be directed to the appropriate ministry leader.

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