Taking It Home

Below you will find downloadable single sheet summaries of the main focus for each week of our current sermon series. We encourage you to read these through and then jump in to the current week's online discussion. 

Join the Discussion

What's Next is far more than your typical sermon series. As Pastor Kevin walks us through where we have been as a congregation and points ahead to where we might go together, we are offering online discussion groups to interact with the material each week. We have created a social learning group linked to our Facebook page.


Each week, we will be producing video vignettes with special guests to help us unpack the week's sermon further.  We will be designing units in the social learning group to help make use of these vignettes along with a weekly Taking It Home summaries that will be concurrently released. We encourage members to dig in together and discuss in this forum how we as a ministry can join with the work of God in this place moving into the future.



Below you can preview the video vignettes that we will be using for these discussions.