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Note that some resources will be made available the Monday following each Sunday in the series. 

  • Download the Taking It Home summary for each week's sermon to begin your discussion at home. 

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    Join with members of the congregation in discussing each week's topic using the week's interview videos. 

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    Watch the interview videos of members of our congregation and community on each week's topic. 

Our Setting

Reflecting on our setting as a ministry means considering where and when God has planted us in this place. The 60 year history of Our Savior Lutheran Ministries having been called together and formed by the mighty hand of God is rich and worthy of celebration. Through out our history of ministry in this community God has seen us through both the challenging times and the times of great success and celebration. Both form who we are together in this place. 

Why are we here?

Through our history together, God has brought us to this moment in time. It is at times like these, when we return to the fundamental question Why are we here?  In answering this question, we are drawn back to a focus on the work of God. 

Focus on the work of God

  • It was a work of God that called together Our Savior Lutheran Church as a congregation in Livermore. 
  • It was a work of God that launched our ministry efforts through our schools. 
  • It was a work of God that planted this ministry on S. Livermore and provided us with a united facility from which to base our ministry. 
  • It is an ongoing work of God that has caused us to rethink our approaches to ministry in this challenging year. 
  • It will be a work of God that reshapes our ministries in order to reach Livermore, the Bay Area, and beyond (Acts 1:8) with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Great Commission People

Having accomplished His ministry on earth, Jesus gathered the disciples on a mountain in Galilee and just before departing, charged them with their task moving forward. The disciples were to become the original Great Commission People. Jesus explained what their ministry was to be about moving forward with these words recorded in Matthew 28:19-20:

Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age.

While every Christian church is planted by God in a unique setting, with its own unique set of circumstances, challenges, and opportunities, they all are charged with that same charge. Therefore, seeking to understand the context of ministry in 21st century Livermore, we have articulated our purpose as Great Commission People as follows:

Why we exist?

Our Savior Lutheran Ministries exist to proclaim the Gospel of our Savior, Jesus Christ as we be, make and grow disciples of Jesus.

What is Our Mindset?

All churches operate within a particular model of ministry. At times these models are intentionally chosen. At other times, these models have developed overtime based on the prior history of the church's ministry in that place. An intentionally developed ministry mindset is a model of ministry that is used deliberately to shape the way in which the whole of the ministry goes about its mission. 

We seek to focus on our ministry at OSLM around a Missional Outpost Model. 

The Missional Outpost Model

What is a Missional Outpost?

We might not readily think of ourselves as being a part of an outpost. The concept of an outpost seems much too remote or distant from our everyday lives on the east edge of the Bay Area. Yet, this side of eternity, we are in fact as the church, outposts embedded within the larger secular world. 

Our Savior exists to proclaim the Gospel of our Savior, Jesus Christ as we be, make and grow disciples of Jesus. Therefore, we each are a part of a mission to grow in our own discipleship in order that we might assist God in His work of raising up more disciples who will continue in that mission and extend the legacy of OSLM in this place. 

Living Stones

What This Means for Us as a Church

If, as Peter writes in 1 Peter 2, we as the church are "living stones...a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people for his own possession" then what we do as we gather as the church has significant meaning as it relates the the mission of Christ's church. God has both chosen us and placed us together to form his church locally here in the Tri-Valley. 

While we often talk about going to church on Sunday when we are heading out the door for worship, Peter reminds us that the church is so much more than a location or weekly activity. Whether we are gathered together or disbursed throughout our community we are the church all the time. We are the church, we are the church on Monday, just as we are on Sunday.  When we care for our neighbor we are the church even though no committee was involved. 

The ministry of the church, in particular, the ministry of OSLM is therefore not bound by a physical location or particular times we meet. We minister to our community, bringing the comfort and love of Christ in big and small ways in our everyday lives. How can we seek to do so intentionally to help connect members of our community to the Body of Christ, whether here at OSLM or as a part of the larger Kingdom of God?

Engage People with a Great God

We seek to engage both young and old with God, so that they might not only come to know Jesus as their Lord and Savior but also be transformed by His ongoing presence and work in their lives.


We seek to help people to Engage with a great God through:

  • Worship opportunities
  • Daily prayer and time in the Word of God
  • School and preschool chapels
  • Classroom devotions and prayer time
  • An education that incorporate Jesus into the heart of all that we do

What we are tying to create:

  1. Worship is an important part of the rhythm of life
  2. All of life is seen as worship
  3. Abide in God’s Word
  4. An active prayer life

Join the Discussion

What's Next is far more than your typical sermon series. As Pastor Kevin walks us through where we have been as a congregation and points ahead to where we might go together, we are offering online discussion groups to interact with the material each week. We have created a social learning group linked to our Facebook page. 

Each week, we will be producing video vignettes with special guests to help us unpack the week's sermon further.  We will be designing units in the social learning group to help make use of these vignettes along with a weekly summary document that will be concurrently released. We encourage members to dig in together and discuss in this forum how we as a ministry can join with the work of God in this place moving into the future.