Online Worship

For all of history God had communicated with his people either personally, or through people known as prophets. The messages of these prophets ranged from words of promise and hope, to words of condemnation and warning. At times people liked what they heard and at other times the people killed the messengers because they didn’t like their message.  Either way it was still God’s message and at the heart of this message was a reminder that God’s people had been saved and called to follow Him.


As the story of the Old Testament comes to a close, God sends a prophet named Malachi to speak his famous last words of the Old Testament.  After Malachi, God would go silent for 400 years until he would once again speak through John the Baptist. 


So if these were God’s last words, what would they be?  Were they good words or harsh words?  Were they words of judgment or words of hope? What were the really important things that He wanted them to know?  What did God want the people to know about their call to follow Him?  You may be surprised by what God felt the most important messages were for His people, and how well they still apply to us today.  The heart of Malachi’s message is pretty simple: God’s people are called to follow Him.


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  • This week @ OSLM

    Each week you will find daily activities focused around our vision to Engage, Encourage, Equip, and Launch disciples of Christ who make disciples for Christ. 

    • Sunday - Online Worship
    • Monday - Engage - Prayer focusing on a Psalm
    • Tuesday - Encourage - Bible reading reflecting on each aspect of our ministry vision
    • Wednesdays in the Word by Zoom
    • Thursday - Equip - Discussion Group by Zoom
    • Friday - Launch - Opportunities for your launch into mission and ministry
    • Saturday - Sabbath rest
    Additionally, you can review the ideas below on how you can connect with our vision for ministry. 
  • Engage People with a Great God

    • Each week we will continue to offer online worship and bible study opportunities.
    • Each week our pre-recorded service will be available each week on our website and via YouTube.
    • Our Wednesdays in the Word Bible study will return in January with a new study.
    • Other Zoom Bible studies continue for both men and women, with the potential for more ways to connect and engage with God in the works.
    • We are putting together worship kits that include advent candles and different resources to help you engage in worship at home. These kits will be available to pick up in the office starting November 25th.
  • Encourage People in the Context of a Christ-Centered Community

    • In accordance with state and county guidelines, we encourage you to join with households in your social bubble, joining together for worship.
    • As Hebrews 10:25 reminds us, it is not good to give up meeting together.
    • While we cannot safely do so as a full community, we encourage those of you as you are comfortable to meet together and worship and study God’s Word together.
    • For those of you who would prefer, we encourage you to connect with one another by video.
    • As a staff and elders, we desire to help facilitate those connections, as we believe them vital to our wholeness as image bearers of our God.
    • If you have found your own connection, in small in-person gatherings, or online, please let us know.
    • If you need assistance connecting with others, please give us a call at the church office. We’d be happy to help.
    • Reach out and connect with friends and family members just to check-in and see how they are doing. 
  • Equip People for LIves of following Jesus

    • In addition to our Wednesdays in the Word Bible study, which will return in January, we are currently offering both men’s and women’s online Bible studies.
    • We are providing a daily devotion series during the season of Advent called The Jesse Tree. There are versions for adults and for families that are available for pick up in the office or on the website.
    • Our youth and children’s ministry provides weekly at home learning opportunities for preschool through high school. 
    • Our equip team is working on plans for additional ways for you to become equipped as we move into 2021. 

  • Launch People into lives of mIssion

    • With the rise in COVID-19 cases and the return to online only worship, we have all just been launched into mission.
    • Like the early church being less than subtly nudged into action, our move back away from in-person worship can be seen as an opportunity to seek out ways to be in mission and ministry in our community in a deliberate way.
    • We could even think of ourselves as a multi-site church with locations throughout the Tri-Valley.
    • Will one of those locations be meeting in your home?
    • We will be providing additional information on specific ways that you can join with others in your efforts to serve those in need at such a time as this. In the meantime, have your eyes open to the needs of the community around you and let us know how the people of OSLM can join together respond in the name of Christ to those needs.