Frequently Asked Questions Concerning In-Person Worship

When do in-person services take place?

The current in-person service schedule is 8:00 and 9:00 am, as well as 7:00 pm each Sunday.

Who can attend in-person worship services?

Anyone who is not showing known symptoms of COVID-19 is welcome to attend. We encourage people who might be more vulnerable to the virus to make prayerful and wise decisions about what is best for their personal health. That applies to those 65 and older and those with underlying health issues.

Do I need an online reservation in order to attend?

Yes. Reservations are necessary because the current state guidelines require us to limit our attendance and provide space for physical distance between attendees. Walk-ins will not be allowed at this time due to size restrictions. 

How do I make a reservation to attend worship?

We have a simple online process to make your reservation or you can always call the church office. Each Friday the online registration form for the following week will be opened to accept registrations. You can find open registration forms under the "This Week at Our Savior" tab.


What if reservations fill up and I can’t get in?

We recognize this possibility. We ask for your patience and understanding. We are doing our best to accommodate everyone who wants to attend. If you are unable to obtain a reservation, we invite and encourage you to worship with us online.  We will continue to adapt the way that we do in-person worship services to accommodate as many people as desire to worship in person including the number of services offered.  Please continue to check the website for updates. 


Are children welcome?

Yes! Children are welcome if they are not showing known symptoms of COVID-19 and can safely follow guidelines. No childcare or children’s programming will be provided. Children must sit with a parent or guardian.

Social Distancing / How will seating be managed in the worship services?

Since seating capacity is reduced based on local or state guidelines, Our Savior is ensuring that proper distancing is maintained during all worship services. Part of that process is asking you to reserve a seat for the worship service you plan to attend!  This allows us to manage the number of people attending each service and provide for the physical distance that is required.  Each family unit will share a bench.   


Is Our Savior following CDC and Health Department regulations and guidelines?

Yes. COVID-19 is still impacting our community, and your safety and health is important to us.  Keep in mind that any movement outside of your home does carry with it certain risks, especially where large numbers of people are gathered.  All worship venues are sanitized before and after services and restrooms are cleaned after every use.  Hand sanitizer is available for all worshipers.  And as always, individuals feeling under the weather or are considered “high -risk” are encouraged to worship with us online.

Are masks required?

YES, please wear a mask while on the Our Savior campus. Current guidelines require this.  All volunteers and staff members will be required to wear masks.

Is hand sanitizer provided?

Yes, hand sanitizer is in various locations on our campus. Attendees are encouraged to use it. You may also provide your own.

Are worship services still offered online?

Yes, worship services continue to be offered online each week. 


Will there be communion?

We will be offering communion as a part of our services in a socially distant and safe way similar to how communion has been offered over the last two months but as the final piece of the service with people being able to leave directly after receiving to promote greater social distancing.  

Will there be singing?

Current state regulations have asked us to refrain from singing and chanting at this time.  We will continue to offer music as a part of our online worship and instrumental music as a part of the in-person services.  

What should I wear? 

We will be outside worshipping in the courtyard.  This means that depending on the day you could be in the sun or the shade.  It could be hot or cold.  Please feel free to dress comfortably for the weather.  If you desire to wear a hat to protect your head or sunglasses, please feel free to do so.  Shorts and sweatshirts are also appropriate based upon the current weather conditions for the service you will be attending.