This Week's Worship Service

Engaging with God in Worship


  • Upcoming Voters meeting

    Our January Voters’ Meeting will feature a ministry update from Pastor Kevin including the 2020 Year In Review, electing the 2021 Nominating Committee, and voting on a LCMS resolution to postpone the District and Synodical Conventions by one year due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.  

    The meeting will take place at 10:30 am via Zoom. 

    The meeting link and additional information will be provided as we approach the meeting date.

  • Online Giving

    Even when we are able to gather together for worship, many of us today don't carry around cash or a check book.  We get it.  To make giving accessible to all, we offer online giving. 


    Follow the link here and you can give in a way that is private and secure.


    For those who would prefer, you can mail your offering checks to the church office. For any questions, feel free to contact Carla Gomes in the church office. 

  • Celebrate the Lord's Supper

    As we continue to walk through this time of Shelter in Place, we will celebrate the Lord's Supper together each Sunday (weather permitting), from 9:30-10:00am. Pastor Kevin will be on the Ministry Center side of the campus to provide Drive-up Communion for those wishing to partake. Precautions will be taken to minimize contact, and you do not have to leave your cars to receive the Lord's Supper.  Prior registration is not required.  We look forward to seeing you soon.


Engaging with God through Prayer

As a community of faith, whether we are able to join together in-person, or virtually, we join together in prayer. We pray together in our times of corporate worship and in our personally devotional times. While we cannot gather together at this time for worship or in-person bible studies, we can still join together in prayer. 

This year, we join together in praying the Psalms. Each Monday a Psalm will be selected for our meditation. In order to take your time in praying through each week's Psalm, you may wish to do the following: 

  1. Initial Reading: Read through the Psalm at your regular pace. 
  2. Reflective Reading: Re-read the Psalm slowing down to take notes on the content of the Psalm that jumps out at you. 
  3. Reflective Prayer: Using your notes, pray about the particulate elements of the Psalm that jumped out at you making connections to your life or the lives of the members of the OSLM and your family and friends. 

As you pray these Psalms, keep in mind the encouragement of Bonhoeffer from Life Together, in which he reminds us that at times, when the corporate prayers of the church do not seem to touch upon our own lives, that in those moments we are to prayer all the more for those in our community that are touched by them. 

Week 4 - January 25, 2021 - Psalm 139

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Encouraging One Another in Community

In the fall, as a ministry we journeyed together through the What’s Next series of sermons, interview videos, Taking It Home sheets, and cottage meetings. As a new approach to the ongoing ministry of Our Savior Lutheran Ministries here in the Tri-Valley area, we would be remiss to simply introduce the concepts that form the core of how we desire to do life and ministry together and leave it at that.

For the vision of a ministry to really take hold in the hearts, minds, and lives of the people of that ministry, we need to really dig into the pages of Scripture together and see how the 4 foci of our vision are found and expressed by God and His people in those sacred pages. Therefore, we are providing this weekly reading plan for our corporate use together.

We hope you make use of this resource in your Bible reading time on a weekly basis and explore together how we as a ministry can Engage, Encourage, Equip, & Launch together.

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2021 Bible Reading Plan

Week 4 - January 26, 2021 - Launched to Share the Gospel - Matthew 28:19-20

Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age.

The Great Commission is one of the most well-known portions of Scripture. Perhaps so well-known that we might be tempted to move past the directive included seeking “something more.” But if we pause, we see just how profound these words of Jesus truly are. Just before departing for a return to the Father, Jesus gives his disciples their marching orders. Yet, remember who these disciples were and how just plain frightened they had been and continued to be. They did not understand that Jesus would face death in Jerusalem and even after Christ’s resurrection were still asking about when he would be establishing his kingdom (Acts 1:6) still seeming to miss the point of all that had taken place. So when you consider your Launch into mission and ministry remember the God has been using unlikely individuals to accomplish his mission since the beginning. What will be your next step in launching to serve in Christ’s name?



Prayer: Gracious Heavenly Father, When we are honest with ourselves, we recognize that we are not a part of the building of your kingdom due to any reason other than the calling of Christ on our lives. When you Launch us into lives of mission in your name, may we rely upon your guidance for the wisdom and strength to spread the Good News to those in our community and our world. Help us to see your calling in our lives. In Christ's name. Amen. 


Wednesdays in the Word

Wednesdays in the Word makes its return January 13 with an all new study of the book off 2 Timothy. 

Join us each Wednesday evening on Zoom beginning at  7 PM as we dive into God’s Word together, led by Pastor Kevin.  This January, we will be studying Paul’s letter to his young apprentice Timothy as he is doing ministry in the metropolitan city of Ephesus.  In the midst of all of the challenges of life and ministry, Paul encouragement to Timothy is to keep the faith.  Join us as Paul mentors each of us through the ups and down, twists and turns of life. 

New weekly worksheets will be posted during the week.   


Join via Zoom here

Download the Worksheet for 1-27-21


Equipping to Follow Jesus

How many of us have made New Year’s Resolutions or goals for the upcoming year?  My guess is at one time or another we all have.  One of the most common of these goals is to get fit, to lose the holiday ten, and to adopt a more healthy life-style.  This is why gyms are usually more crowded in January than at any other time, and why home workout equipment sales go through the roof.  Everyone wants to start the year off right and get in a shape other than round. 

What if instead of just getting our bodies healthy, we were to put the same time and energy, focus and determination into our spiritual health?  While it is only through God’s grace that we can have faith and grow in our faith, God’s Word calls us to work out our salvation with fear and trembling.  From Biblical times, God’s people have engaged in different practices to lean into their faith.  Join us on Thursdays, as we seek to understand the concept of Spiritual Disciplines and try some of these ancient practices together. 

New weekly materials will be posted during the week. 

We will not be holding weekly live online Zoom sessions every week. There will be periodic check ins for the group as we continue to work through and explore various disciplines. Follow the link below for access to each week's video from Pastor Kevin and notes sheet. 

The materials and pre-recorded videos for the study can be found HERE


Launch into Mission

January Food Drive

Beginning Monday, January 11, and continuing through the remainder of the month, Our Savior Lutheran School will be hosting a food drive to assist the less-fortunate in our community. Non-perishable food items are needed by the local food bank, and the HOPE is to FILL IT! We'd ask that you come alongside this ministry of the school by bringing canned soup, vegetables or fruit, peanut butter, pasta and pasta sauce, canned meats or fish. We will collect them in the church office. Thank you!


A Day of Sabbath Rest

God’s Word makes pretty clear that we were created to work and to rest.  We need rest, and yet in a go-go-go society that can be pretty hard.  Rest doesn’t just mean sitting on our couch and doing nothing while mindlessly watching television.  Rest looks different for each of us, but rest involves investing in our relationships with God and our families.  It is a time to recharge to get ready for the week ahead.  We urge you to spend your Saturday as a day of sabbath rest.