WASC/NLSA Dual Accreditation Goals

WASC is the Western Association of Schools and Colleges. For more information on this type accreditation please click here:  WASC ACCREDITATION
NLSA is the National Lutheran Schools Association. For more information on this type of accreditation, please click here:  

Graduates of Our Savior Lutheran School will be prepared to be Kids of the King who Walk like Jesus.

  • Respect themselves and treat others with dignity
  • Share their faith through worship, fellowship, and community service
  • Are familiar with Scripture and know basic Christian theology
  • Seek God's goodness in His created world and in the diversity of peoples
  • Live according to a code of Christian conduct

Are avid learners.

  • Demonstrate proficiency in core academic subjects (mathematics, language, reading/literature, geography/history, science, and religion)
  • Know how to locate and assess information
  • Communicate effectively in both oral and written forms
  • Demonstrate basic competency in a foreign language
  • Use computers to assist their learning
  • Pursue areas of interest and continue to learn outside the classroom setting

Develop important life skills.

  • Know how to organize their work and manage their time
  • Practice specific study strategies
  • Function effectively within groups, both as leaders and as members
  • Learn healthy lifestyles and engage in regular physical activity
  • Acquire proven conflict resolution skills

Enhance their lives with enriching activities.

  • Familiarize themselves with the cultural contributions of great artists, musicians, writers, and thinkers
  • Express themselves through art, music, and drama
  • Engage in extra-curricular activities such as yearbook, choir, cheer leading, and leadership
  • Demonstrate school spirit by attending sporting and social events, playing on sports teams, and participating in outreach program.

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