Clubs and Extras

At Our Savior, our approach to education includes a holistic formation of our students. Supporting this we have a number of clubs and extracurricular opportunities that students are able to take part in. These opportunities are offered in order to help support the family in raising up well-rounded and well-educated future leaders for our society. 


Learning to play chess has been shown to improve a student's overall academic performance, judgment, ability to concentrate, logical thinking, problem-solving, creativity, emotional intelligence, and social skills.>Learn More

Lego Robotics

Lego Robotics is a fun and engaging hands-on approach to STEM learning. Students gain real-world problem-solving skills as they learn and compete.>Learn More


MATHCounts is an engaging math program for middle school students of all ability levels to build confidence and improve attitudes towards math and problem-solving.>Learn More

Beginning & Advanced Band

Students with an interest or love for music can explore a variety of instruments rehearsing and performing for school and church events.>Learn More


Few things bring out the joy of the Christmas season like the sounds of handbells. Students in our bells club learn the basics of preparing for performances in school and church events.>Learn More


Reflecting the creativity and beauty of our God, students have the opportunity to explore their own creativity in a number of media in our art club.>Learn More