Partner Outreach Organizations

Mission and outreach ministry is a team effort. Not only is this something that we as a congregation need to rally together to do, but we are better able to provide care and reach out with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, we we join hands with other organizations. The organizations bellow are ones that we have an on-going relationship with. Not all of the organizations we currently work with or may work with in the future are expressly Christian, but our work always will be, whether we are in service to our neighbor offering them food and shelter, or comfort in the Gospel that only Jesus Christ can bring. 

  • LINC Bay Area

    The mission of LINC Bay Area is three fold:

    •          ENGAGING Local Leaders
    •          EQUIPPING New Ministries
    •          EMPOWERING Community Impact
  • Shepherd's Gate

    Shepherd’s Gate exists to meet the physical, spiritual and emotional needs of women and children suffering from homelessness, addiction and domestic violence through the love of Jesus Christ, equipping them to lead lives of faith, hope and love, and to reach out to others in His name.

  • The Mission and Values of CityServe are:

    • WE CARE: Caring for people in crisis
    • WE COORDINATE: Coordinating resources and volunteers between the faith-based community, non-profits, schools, businesses, and government agencies
    • WE CONNECT: Connecting volunteers in the local church and community to the non-profits in our Tri-Valley