We live together in one family with God and, like in any family, we joyfully support one another with our gifts of time, prayer, encouragement, and resources.  Our giving is an act of worship as we respond to all that God has given us and done for us in our lives.

While giving is not exclusive to financial gifts, these resources are a fundamental element of sharing our time, talent, and treasure.  At Our Savior, we believe that giving in the church is never meant to be a guilt trip but a personal act of thankfulness.  If you have questions about why we give, what the church does with offerings or anything else in the giving process, please feel free to contact Pastor Kevin who would love to chat with you about that.

Thank you for your gifts and support of God’s work in our community and around the world!   

We couldn't do what we do without people like you.   

Ways to Give

  1. In-Person: Whether at worship or just stopping by the church during the week, you can stop by the office and drop off your tithes and/or offerings.
  2. By Mail: If you are not able to drop off your giving in person, feel free to drop it in the mail. 
  3. Online: Don't have a checkbook? Not a problem! We are ready to receive your giving online below. 
  • To give online safely and securely simply click the link below. 
  • Electronic giving is convenient for you and provides much-needed consistency for our church. 
  • There is no cost to participate.  In fact, electronic giving saves you time and money – you’ll no longer need to write checks and prepare envelopes. 
  • In addition,  electronic giving streamlines the processing of giving records and saves valuable administrative resources. 

Give Now