Stephen Ministry Training Event

As a ministry, we seek to encourage people within the context of a Christ-centered community. One way that we do that is through the care that we provide for one another. We all likely know people who are struggling through the challenges of life. At times, all these people need is the listening ear of a Christian friend who is willing and able to walk with them and bear their burdens together.

Our Stephen Ministry is offering a training on Sunday, June 26 at 10:30 am in the Conference Room that will help equip you to be able to identify those who are struggling with life’s difficulties and have an initial strategy to connect them to help. We pray that you will join us for this training so that as a ministry we are all empowered to better care for those in our community in the name of Christ and help bring healing to the hurts and pains in one another’s lives.

Event Coordinator Dave Rueter

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