5th Grade Curriculum Overview

March 12, 2021

Core Knowledge at a Glance

Fifth Grade

Language Art/English
1. Reading and Writing
2. Writing, Grammar, and Usage
3. Poetry
4. Fiction (Stories; Classics; Myths and Legends)
5. Sayings and Phrases

History and Geography
1. World Geography (Spatial Sense; Lakes)
2. Meso-American Civilizations
3. European Exploration, Trade, and Clash of Cultures
4. Renaissance and Reformation
5. England from the Golden Age to the Glorious Revolution
6. Russia: Early Growth and Expansion
7. Feudal Japan
1. Westward Expansion
2. Civil War: Causes, Conflicts, Consequences
3. Native Americans: Cultures and Conflicts
4. U.S. Geography

Visual Arts
1. Art of the Renaissance
2. American Art: Nineteenth-Century United States
3. Art of Japan

1. Elements of Music (timbre, rhythm, etc.)
2. Listening and Understanding (Composers; Connections)
3. American Musical Traditions (Spirituals)
4. Songs

1. Numbers and Number Sense
2. Ratio and Percent
3. Fractions and Decimals
4. Computation
5. Measurement
6. Geometry
7. Probability and Statistics
8. Pre-Algebra

1. Classifying Living Things
2. Physical Science: matter, elements, and reactions
3. Plant Structures and Processes
4. Life Cycles and Reproduction
5. Earth Science-solar system
6. Chemistry: Matter, Change, Atoms, Elements, and Solutions
7. Scientific Investigation (science project)

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