His Mission, Our Mission

As we read the Gospels, we learn about the night that Jesus was born as the angels sang and the shepherds bowed their knee in worship. We are invited to listen to the great sermons of Jesus where we hear about the kingdom of God and life within that kingdom.  We are amazed by the miracles that Jesus did and the love and compassion that Jesus showed to so many.  But the story of Jesus, and really the story of the whole Bible, comes to its great crescendo on a Friday as Jesus dies on a cross and on the following Sunday morning when the tomb is empty with Jesus risen from the dead.  The story of Jesus is the center point of both the Bible and history.  


As we read this story, there are questions that begin to rise to the forefront of our minds: what is this story really all about?  Why did Jesus come?  Why did the cross mean so much?  What does this story teach us about God?  Should this story really change anything for us?  


We invite you to join us this Easter and the weeks following Easter, as we delve into the heart of God through the mission of the life of Jesus and the overarching mission of God that we see develop throughout the Bible and throughout history.  As we begin to grasp the mission of God, we will then begin to explore how that mission gives direction and purpose to our lives as followers of Jesus.  

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